Wednesday, December 10, 2008


With no one in the house, about an hour ago, I set to work tackling my AP Calculus homework. Admittedly, differentiating and integrating various permutations of natural logarithmic functions, e^x, and inverse functions is not exactly the most... thrilling work in the world. So, bored about halfway (more like two-thirds) to tears, I began humming to myself an odd, shapeless tune.

This eventually developed into a full-blown, endless beatbox-style song about my current topic in calculus, essentially integrating (ouch, calculus pun) each step of the problem I was doing into lyrical and melodical form. After about twenty minutes, the tune became completely nonsensical, with regular modifications to the rhythm, and lyrics that made no sense at all.

Nonetheless, it was quite amusing. I suggest that, if ever you're alone and are partaking in some sort of boring or mindless task, start singing about it. Don't try to make it very musical - just go with the flow and essentially start speaking in rhythmical form. It's pretty interesting.

And yes, it does mean you're crazy, or close to it, if you do.

Just like me.

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