Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not (Quite) Dead

Hello loyal readers. Or reader. Or whoever it is that comes out to this shady park of the blogosphere. Regardless! One may have noticed that this blog has not been updated for nearly a month. And one may have also noticed that the termination of blog entries neatly coincided with the beginning of my school year.

The fact is, school + debate + editing the newspaper + afterschool orchestras + piano lessons + tennis + college applications makes me one busy person, and I've really not had much time to update this blog.

"But Jon," you say. "Doesn't it take just a few minutes each night to update this godforsaken pile of drivel and stupidity?"

"Well... erm... PUFFINS LOOK LIKE PENGUINS BUT ARE ACTUALLY A SEPARATE SPECIES," shout I as I speed off into the oblivion.

The truth is I've been ignoring my dear old blog, and it has suffered in the meanwhile. And I apolgoize for at least not even making it known that I was on semi-extended hiatus.

So, the current status: I am still on semi-hiatus until my college applications are finished (which will likely be the case by the end of October.) In the meanwhile, I may pop in once a week or so (or not as much).

In the meantime, please enjoy this video regarding the topic of profanity.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to School

Well, so ends the summer. It's been... well, it's been a unique one, I guess. Really busy, but lots of good fun at the beach, with friends, and even with coworkers working on stem cells. I just can't believe how quickly it went by.

So, to cope with the agony of the ending summer and to drown my sorrows in food, I have decided to be the test guinea pig for the KFC Quadruple Down. It's a proposed sandwich for KFC which substitutes two deep-fried chicken breasts for buns. Between those lies another two fried breasts, with bacon, special sauce, Swiss and pepperjack cheese. It's sort of like ordering a quadruple bypass without paying for it. But man would that ever be good.

To KFC: Do it. I dare you.

Happy (not) school year everyone!