Saturday, July 18, 2009


Amidst all the hype about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I take a different direction today. I recently saw a movie called Adventureland, you see, and I'm doubting that HP6 will be able to top it. You should see it. Fo serious.

Adventureland, in a way, reminds me of Juno: It's a classic coming-of-age comedy (or so the critics tell me.) The main character, played by Jesse Eisenberg (who has an amazing ability to look exactly like Michael Cera, and act like him but be way cooler) is a recently graduated, somewhat nerdy literature major who for the first time must deal with real life by working at a sub-par carnival called Adventureland. It's about him growing up and facing the real world, as it is, without fanfare or cuddling.

The film blends the sharp sting of reality, juxtaposed against the assumed clear sail to the finish line by the smart and supposedly successful members of society with the awkward stylings of young love, who appears in the form of fellow lead Kristen Stewart.

It's just a good film. It's funny, it's awkward, it's touching, it's sometimes strikingly moving, and may hit close to home. You should watch Adventureland. You won't regret it.

This is a trailer. It doesn't do it half justice.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, since it's directed (or produced?) by the same one that did Superbad, the movie was mismarketed as a similar teen-booze-sex romp so as to save it from box office failure. It failed anyways. I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago, and it was flipping brilliant. It did hit close to home and watching the Eisenberg character grow and take so much from such a wasted environment was quite a spectacle.
You might want to check out the Chumscrubber, Rocket Science, The Wackness and Thumbsucker for movies along the same line. I'd recommend The Wackness first, it's similar in so many ways.

The soundtrack was fuckin' A too. It sort of persuaded me to download a whole bunch of 80s albums by the likes of Husker Du and INXS. I'm currently listening to The Velvet Underground and Nico album which is very badass. And did you know the Velvet Underground was managed by Andy Warhol??? Well, there's your trivia fact for the day.