Sunday, September 7, 2008


Well, this is going to be an exciting week for Apple. The uber-famous electronics company is holding an event this Tuesday with the title "Rock On". Unsurprisingly, the blogosphere has gotten some near-404s with the sudden influx of Apple fanboys and girls drooling all over their keyboards in anticipation for the next generation of iPods.

Nonetheless, there is, actually, a 99.999999% chance that Apple will, in fact, update the iPod line. Rumors point to an updated, slimmer, taller, and bigger-screened iPod nano, and an iPod touch with... something new that no one seems to know yet. iTunes 8, with cool new features, is also in the mix.

In other news, I downloaded a $9 album from Apple, which iTunes now says I'm not allowed to download. It refuses to tell me why. Hopefully, Apple will answer my email and solve my problem before this Tuesday. Or else I might just have to angrily crash the event and eat Steve Jobs.


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