Sunday, January 11, 2009


The American legal system is a very... perverse thing. Or perhaps it's not the legal system itself, it's the American mentality that enjoys abusing it. Whatever the reason, the American tort system has allowed its inhabitants to permanently shirk its responsibilities. The mentality now seems to be that "it is never my fault; it must be the fault of someone else, and therefore they should pay for my shortcomings."

It's really a shame, but it's true. Just look at malpractice lawsuits: Countless innocent doctors are sued by patients, often for millions of dollars, simply because of the appearance of a scar after surgery, or a result that wasn't precisely to their liking. There have been reports of patients who have undegone life-saving surgery for cancer that have won huge settlements for unsightly blemishes from surgery. Of course, they cannot accept responsibility. Someone must always be to blame.

George Will wrote an interesting take on this in an article entitled
Liberate America from Lawsuit Lunacy. I suggest you all give it a read:


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