Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back from Harvard

Well, from early Friday to late Monday I was away. (Yes, the blog can be set to auto-update.) Away debating at the Harvard Debate Tournament for high schoolers. It's quite the prestigious tournament - thousands of competitors from all over the nation come to compete for the top spot in their respective events. The ride there and back itself was quite fun - our forensics team has some interesting characters. And Cambridge and Boston are some pretty awesome cities to crawl around.

In my event, Student Congress, I did quite well - I made it to the final round, the top 24 out of 336 competitors. I'm quite pleased, really - I'm the first person in my school's history to make it that far in my event. Knowing you're good at something is quite a nice feeling, really.

I'm still readjusting to normal life. When you spend four days in the hectic, crazy, emotionally-charged, and often very witty atmosphere of forensics, slowing things down to the boring (and homework-filled) pace of life can be somewhat of a downer. Still, things are good. Things are good.


April said...

You put it quite into perspective...the adjustment is quite difficult. It is a different form of rehab. You go from being high on..well, just about everything, to crashing, hard. And then have to some how pick up the pieces and get back to normal life and put all that in the past.

Tara said...

I really is. You go through withdraw and hate everyone and everything, and have to readjust to normal life for a week or so until you do it again. It's the nature of the game, but we all love to play it

Jon said...

Harvard, and this team, are just so awesome. Everything else is lame in comparison.