Monday, February 23, 2009


Today my AP English teacher decided to present my class with a little surprise: An essay on the Declaration of Independence. Specifically, an essay documenting the stylistic differences between an early draft and the final draft of the Declaration, explaining the probable reason for some of the changes, and accounting for their rhetorical effect. Oh joy.

Oh, and it's due tomorrow.

I find it difficult to express just how spiteful I am of this... wonderful... assignment. So I think I'll take time away from its composition in order to do just that, in poetic form.

I do so hate my English class
Indeed on my list it comes last
I will not write this in a box
I will not write this with a fox
I will not write this with a mouse
I will nto write this in a house
I will not write this here or there
I will not write this anywhere
I should not write this dumb essay
But alas I must to my dismay.

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