Friday, June 5, 2009


I have to say, I always knew that there were some really crazy, scary people out there. But I never quite realized to what extent until now.

Coming back from a tennis team banquet today, I found a green pickup truck tailgating me and honking furiously while I ambled along at the posted speed limit of 25mpg. It was a do not pass zone and there was nowhere for me to turn onto for about half a mile. At a red light, the guy passes me, stops in front of me, gets out of his car, and comes over to me. He then proceeds to start screaming and cursing at me at the top of his lungs, screaming "do you know how to f***ing drive" and going on about the "piece of s***" my dad bought me.

I figured it was best to be passive, let him scream himself out, and leave. I was afraid if I didn't roll down the window, he'd damage my parents' car. Luckily, I was right; he screamed and ran off as soon as there was a green light.

I know he's a stupid guy, but my God, I was seriously scared that he was going to do something. And what could I have done? I was strapped into a seatbelt, no one around.

I guess there are just some really scary people out there... it's best to avoid them at all costs; they obviously can't be dealt with rationally. Just watch out for yourselves, alright? Because the world really is full of dangerous people.


Anonymous said...

I think you should have got out of your car and stood your ground considering that it was a 25mph road... my two cents.. lolz. But I'd be traumatized too if I was alone and was approached by a PMSing stranger.

A favour to ask since you're a big National fan (I read this blog rather often and I like your Last FM song picks!), would you mind posting a review of The Natinal's The Virginia EP? I can't find a good review for it... or just link me to one, anything that doesn't just bash it for not standing it's length up to Boxer. Thanks.

Jon said...

The truth is, the guy looked very violent; as in, might have physically assaulted me had I done anything even remotely provocative. I wouldn't have been surprised if he had a gun or a knife on him. So, I figured escalating the situation wasn't the most prudent course of action.

On a side note, thanks for visiting the blog. Yay cool nice people!

I've actually only heard Boxer and Alligator thus far (and absolutely adore both.) I'm working on Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers as we speak, and haven't gotten into their EPs yet.

Still, I found two fairly decent-looking reviews at these links:

Anonymous said...

Thanks much for the links! My googling skills have been detoriorating lately.

Oh, and if you ever get time, look up The Rural Alberta Advantage. It sounds right up your alley.

And keep writing. This blog is pretty badass ;)

Jon said...

Affirmative. And I actually have a song or two by TRAA, Deadroads and another, I think. Deadroads is pretty nice. I'm currently listening to a few different things:

-Oracular Spectacular, MGMT
-Leak of ...And the Ever Expanding Universe, The Most Serene Republic
-Exclusive NPR First Listen of Wait for Me, Moby
-Eagle, Mamer

I <3 music.