Thursday, June 18, 2009

NPR Exclusive: Moby's Wait for Me

Back in April, I gave a blurb about a new song by Moby called Shot in the Back of the Head, the first single from his forthcoming album Wait for Me. The album itself is not due out until June 30, but NPR has graciously made the entire album available, track by track, as part of its First Listen series.

NPR's Bob Boilen describes it like this: "Moby has just made his best record in 10 years — at least I think so. The new record by the DJ, singer, bassist, keyboardist, guitarist and all-around renaissance man, Wait for Me, is filled with beauty, sadness and celebration."

Truth be told, I can't help but agree - Wait for Me is an emotionally raw yet filling album, which draws you in with the pure serenity of opening track Division and cycles forward into the aurally complete and sometimes the raw and even avant-garde. The track Stock Radio is 45 seconds of recording an old radio put through some effect pedals. All in all, it's an album that needs to be listened to all the way through, and it is a truly moving experience from start to finish. If you're willing to go with something a little new, a little more electronic/synthy and outside the realm of popular guitar/bass/drums, you need to hear this.

The album can be found at this link. You can start listening to the first track and just click "Add to Playlist" on each track until you have a full album going, track by track.

Wait for Me will be released on June 30 (my birthday).


Anonymous said...

Birthday wishes in advance!
Thanks for the National links for The Virginia EP, I looked them up a while ago and I never got around to thanking you (Don't bother with The Virgina EP though.)

Moby's new album looks promising, I'm about to play through it...

And I came across this band I think you might find interesting called Parts and Labor or Parts and Labour depending on which dialect you converse in ;)
You can play their whole latest album on their site. Just play Nowhere Nigh first, it's brilliant!!

And keep writing. If you ever stop I'll find out where you live, slap you silly and I'll eat ALL your food. Have a great summer! ;)

Jon said...

Just got Receivers. Listening to it now. Sounding good.

I have no idea who you are but I think you are definitely my favorite commenter.