Sunday, August 9, 2009


Halloa, all. If you haven't heard, I've had to scour my blog to delete quite a few innappropriate and outright vulgar comments that my blog has been spammed with for the last couple of days. Not exactly sure who's behind it, but, oh well, no harm done. Either way, comments are now moderated; I need to approve them before they get through. Have no fear of Orwellian censorship; I'm just looking for obvious abuse. Pretty much all comments will be approved within a day of posting, barring unforseen circumstances.

Also, as I recently discovered on the train to and from NYC earlier today, there are like 60x more Spanish speakers traveling to NYC than away from it, or in anywhere else. Fun fact.


Anonymous said...

This comment won't make it through because of your newly adopted policy of never allowing opinions about your shitty blog to be publicized, but that makes no difference to me because I know that you'll read this. While your cheeky little "observations" of the minorities on the train may seem fascinating to you, I'll bet that anyone reading this entry will not appreciate it that same way you do and that is why thoughts can only be heard by oneself.

Jon said...

It's not a matter of appreciation. It's just a matter of being heard.

Is this Valentina?


i think the problem anonymous and i have is that these little anecdotes and observations you have need to be based upon the principle that everyone is inferior to you fried in order to have any type of real intrigue, and to be more than
introspective dribble.

Even you should realize that you distort your own reality so this blog has any sense of meaning.
Like the post about the cow
on your head- we all know you
grossly altered the real opinions o
f those who witnessed your miserable

Can you be honest for a second,

you won't be dignified by me saying
only you would have the audacity to
undermine (try to) what i had to say

Anonymous said...

Umm. Wow. I haven't been here in a while and w/o your blog stalker looking out for you, its been taken over by avatars of the Darth Vader.

In defence of the blog; yeah, it is introspective dribble with a couple of nice shorts and youtube links thrown in. But, they're entertaining, interesting musings on the world, and I'm sorry that you reading this blog makes you feel like you're being condescended to. And if you found that the blog was such a pathetic collage of drivel, why bother spamming every blog post with polemic retorts????

Jon said...

I have no idea what you mean by Darth Vader, but thanks otherwise.

And, in my defense, it seems like most blogs have introspective drivel, unless it's links to something else. Cue New York Times editorials.

Honestly... said...

Okay, also in defense of the blog itself, just have to say that there are plenty of things about jon's posts that could be found to be interesting, informative or enjoyable. (for instance, love the music reviews...)

Sure, we don't need to know about every single thing you're doing in your life, (like going to NYC), and yes, some of your posts have absolutely no point at all and could be seen as covertly or unintentionally taking a superior attitude, but still. People, give the blog a break.

That being said there are plenty of things stated by "JOCKIN DEFFUR" that ring true on a more personal level. Jon, your blog does not always reflect this, but YOU definitely tend to be the arrogant person who assumes the position of superiority. You supposedly "lose your respect" for someone who has different political views than yours. You often speak in a condescending manner if someone asks you a question. And if someone isn't taking that AP or honors class that you are, you often treat them as if they are on a different level than you are or something. These are just the things I've noticed cropping up in your personality in the past year or two especially... and whether it's a reality check for you or not, you need to hear it. Or well... read it.

You are not the authority in this world. You can't decide who's opinions are right and wrong, who's ideas are stupid, what stuff is cool. People won't read your twitter updates or your blog and think that you are awesome. It's just not how the world works.

Yes, you are a funny, witty and creative guy, but getting older, and developing opinions and whatnot have taken their toll on you. Think about who you are and want to be... because you've strayed away from "Jon".

Sorry for all of that... I hope you understand that this is all just my opinion: take it or leave it.

Valentina said...

i think the consensus is jon is arrogant and this blog reflects that


George Orwell said...

'hi i'm jon i read 1984 and know what orwellian signifies'

that's my impression of you

i know you won't post this, but i don't care because you will see it