Monday, August 3, 2009


Currently isolating RNA from seven samples of cells that were previously sploded to let their juices flow forth. Tasty stuff. But right now they need to incubate for 15 minutes, leaving me with ample time to do something productive (or unproductive, depending on how cool this blog is.)

So, I'm back from Boston. Tufts, Brandeis, and Harvard all looked really nice; Harvard is just kind of... Harvard, and Tufts had a really beautiful campus and great... well, everything. Brandeis was really nice too; a bit small, and their campus seemed a bit unkempt, but I still feel like I could fit in just fine. On a more realistic view, Brandeis is the only school that might offer me a scholarship. Food for thought, I suppose.

On a separate note; if any of you out there remember, I did a feature post on a site called Omegle a few weeks (months?) back. Random note: It seems to have been flooded with a lot of people looking for something other than innocent conversation. Innocent as their motives might be, the intended topics are not. So just keep in mind - if you plan to look around for the random conversations, you might need to pop into a few chats before you find a keeper. That, and the random Korean and Chinese people who can't speak English. Oh well!

Another random note, and a useful one: If you want to skip the ubiquitously annoying "To leave a voice message... blah blah blah" voicemail intro that takes up much of your valuable time, just press 1-*-# (one-star-pound). Different carriers have different keys to skip the message (little did we all know), and these three cover all major networks (Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint). Who knows, you might save a few minutes over time.

Link of the day: First ever PhD in texting. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

My first Omegle convo:

Me: Hi! I'm Canadian, where are you from?
Stranger: Are you sex starved fresh pussy?


I'm a little jealous that you have so much choice in your post-sec education.

In Canada, if you speak French you go to McGill, if you don't you go into University of Toronto which is where I'll be in six months.
Damn Frenchies!

Jon said...

Not surprised in the slightest. Although quite graphic.

That's the states for you. I'm pretty surprised that Canada isn't big on post-secondary education; frankly, Canada always seemed better than the US on most things. Not in terms of military, econ or political might, but just in... coolness and win. I guess.

Unless you want to go to college in the states or in Britain, of course, in which case you then have the added bonus of being a "foreigner", which colleges eat up these days.

And yes, the French ruin most things.

Ashlee said...

Hello Jon! I neglected to read your blog out of laziness - mostly because of the multitude of science words at the beginning. I'm SO incredibly bored right now that that was just too much effort.

But anyway... the reason for my comment:
I was thinking of joining a blog site. Question is, which one? (this one obv) I can use my gmail account, so that's a huge plus. And I'd have you as one of my friends, another plus. I love the options for this site and I'm familiar with it. Seems popular, but formal. Sort of not my taste.

Any suggestions?

I'll read your blog eventually, I promise ^^'

Jon said...

Wow, Ash, you must be really bored to have put that thorough of a comment. Yay summer!

The truth is, I never even looked at any sites but Blogger - I saw Google and thought "Yes." because I like google. I would heck out a few different blogs on both sites and see what you come up with.

And this might sound stupid, but if you like any of this, please tell people.

rna-cake penetrator said...
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