Friday, May 30, 2008

Roryx the Chem Stud

Well, congratulations to any and all who read this blog. Since the beginning of the blog, you've managed to vote in the poll a phenomenal 12 times! Wow!

The results say that my cello's name is now Ishmael, by a vote of 6-5-1. However, my own opinions have prevailed, and thus, he shall be known as Roryx the Cello now and forever. I needed to name him, though - I'm playing in CARNEGIE HALL in New York this Monday with the high school orchestra elite, and I am pumped.

On that note... check out this vid:

A friend of mine made it. I knew he was white before, but this confirmed him as the whitest guy in Pennsylvania.


~Sarita~ said...

OMG you named your cello too?
that's how i found ur blog (cello intrest)

how long have u been playing? (I've been playing since i was 4 and a half).

My cello's name is "Illyana- the cello formerly known as Kurmudgen". . .long storryyy

Very Offended said...
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