Tuesday, May 20, 2008

House and the Social Music Revolution

Last night was the season finale of House. Woah, I mean, seriously, woah. Seriously awesome stuff. I highly recommend watching it if you get the chance. Anywhere. It's a 2-part finale. Probably the best hour of TV I've seen all year. Or nearly.

Also, a cool thing to point out: Last.fm. AKA the Social Music Revolution.

Basically, it's a music site with pages for artists and albums and music videos and whatnot. The cool thing: It tracks global music trends by looking at what its members listening to. Basically, you install software, and Last.fm "scrobbles" your tracks to the site, and records them. It's pretty cool, because it encourages a lot of music discovery and sharing between people. Would definitely recommend it. You can also check out my profile. You might've also noticed some stuff on the right sidebar... that's all provided by Last.fm. Check it out!

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