Sunday, July 13, 2008


Couple things of note...

1) Went to see Wicked on Broadway yesterday. Fantastic musical, great effects, the whole package, really.
2) Also went to an interesting restaurant, review possibly to come... Joe Allen's, it's called.
3) Most importantly... I just got back from a haircut. I. Look. Like. Shit.

See, the "stylist", as they're calling themselves these days, discussed with me what I was looking for - a simple trim, leaving it pretty long, because I have good wavy hair. Instead, she trims me down to a buzzcut, length 3 (I asked for 6) on the sides before I realize what's going on. I now have fine hair on top, but hair that's half as short on the sides.

Why, God? Why must you test me so? Why must you make me look stupid?


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lol PWND