Thursday, July 10, 2008

Man @ Work

Blogging from work. Ooooh.... eeeevil. I am such a bad employee. ^^ Nonetheless, I am nearly dying of boredom. Creating lists of newborn baby screening results is quite tedious.

2:47pm: Been entering data into a computer for five hours now. So... boring.

2:56pm: Eyelids getting a bit droopy... must fight it off...

3:02pm: Activated iPod, loud music now playing in my right ear.

3:05pm: Loud music stimulation obviously failing.

3:14pm: Feeling an odd warm, wet substance coming from my left ear... not sure if I should be concerned.

3:28pm: This is my last report... consciousness fading... heart rate slowing... speak well of me when I'm gone...

3:32pm: The magical elves have come. Must be off.

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