Saturday, October 11, 2008


Never hurts to try something new, right? I've recently been diversifying my musical tastes a good bit... From a pretty solid backgound of rock, alt and indie rock into the more... eclectic... genres of electronica (with trancey music from Jon Hopkins and The Field) and post-rock (with several not-so-well-known bands including Cordis, Mono, and Clogs). Today, however, I've decided to open up a new horizon, that being...

Classical music. Or, in 1800s terms, music. Pretty much, it's what we had up until about a hundred years ago. So it's bound to be worth something, right? I've gained a pretty strong appreciation for classical music through my high school orchestra, so I figured I'd get some stuff for my iPod. I've just gotten some Vivaldi, Yo-Yo Ma, and three 15-20 minute pieces that all sound pretty good. It's... interesting music, to say the least. Takes a while to get used to, but it's really good stuff when you listen to it, especially while you're working.

I feel like it's weird to listen to classical music, though. Pretty much, nobody does, so, well, yeah. Oh well. Screw you, convention!

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