Thursday, October 16, 2008


Trawling through IMDB, I discovered a documentary called Heima, purported to be the highest-rated documentary to date on IMDB. Curious, I took a look - as it turns out, it's a 90-minute documentary by an Icelandic post-rock band that I am currently obsessed with - Sigur Ros.

Heima, at its core, I would describe as a pure work of art. It combines a couple of videos of live performances with a lot of really cool nature shots, and a couple of interviews with the members of the band, explaining what it was like to return home after a long time touring the world, the benefits and letdowns of success, and other random things.
The music itself is so amazing and artful that a music video itself would suffice. But the beauty of the shots that they blend combined with the raw honesty of the band and their sound just makes Heima a gem. There's no plotline, no story: Just an hour and a half of satisfying elegance, filmed entirely on-location in Iceland.
Disclaimer: I would probably listen to Sigur Ros's music before you watch. If you don't like them, this might not be for you. But if you can appreciate (or, like me, love) Sigur Ros's music, then give it a go. It's great stuff.


Anonymous said...

You'll probably like The Album Leaf, produced by the Sigur Ros lead.

Jon said...

They're not bad. I'm still in love with Sigur Ros though.