Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh Sweet Procrastination

I always thought that procrastination was simply a staple of the school year. I see now that it is not so - with a large calculus packet and three mini-essays to complete by September 2nd (actually, more like August 28th, due to a trip to Massachusetts, or however you spell it) I seem to be suffering from the most blissful of all ills at the moment.

I'll probably try to make a dent in the math packet tomorrow. The essays, I will probably leave to devote a day to in a week or something. Hopefully, it won't be that hard, hehe. GIANT PICTURE!

In the meantime, I'll keep listening to The Rhumb Line, by Ra Ra Riot. Go listen to it.


immigrant heretic said...

Same dude working his way back, brilliant blog, I'm done for the day though.
Visit my blog someitme, leave a comment, I know i haven't written in a *while* but I'll be posting stuff again starting tomorrow.

Jon said...

Will do - thanks for all of your input.