Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Spent the day walking around with a cow on my head. A stuffed cow, named Cow, who I have recently become very attracted to. I luffles him ^^

It's very interesting the reaction that you get from other people when there's something significantly odd about your appearance. Upon walking out of my microeconomics classroom I heard someone mutter, "Does that guy have a cow on his head?" followed by a loud hoot of "How now, brown cow?" It was actually pretty funny.

Seriously, it is very amusing to watch a dozen people do a double take in the span of a minute or so.

Plus, a dialogue between my orchestra teacher and myself:
Him: "What's that on your head, Jon?"
Me: "A cow."
Him: "Oh."

And he blinked and continued going on with the business of collecting peer coaching forms, to the amusement and slight confusion of the orchestra.

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