Thursday, April 23, 2009

Heavens to Purgatory

Recently, I posted a review of one of my favorite bands, The Most Serene Republic. Their last album, Population, was released in 2007. As of Monday, TMSR has announced a new album, called ...And the Ever Expanding Universe, due for release on July 14th.

Along with this (at least in my own opinion) joyous news has come a free download of the album's second track, called Heavens to Purgatory. It's a little bit more... organic than their earlier stuff, but still contains the depth that I have come to love from this band. It's actually a bit heavier in the bass range, giving it a more dancy feel, which I think I like. Plus it clocks in at under three minutes, a short little twinkling gem.

Indulge yourself.

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