Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mix CDs

A friend of mine recently gave me a very impressive mix CD... 19 tracks, beautifully mixed, all new stuff from indie bands I'd never even heard of before. And man am I impressed.

So, although I am still in the process of listening to it as we speak, I'm mixing back. That is, making one for said friend. It's really fun, actually, giving someone else a taste of, well, your tastes.

Homework: Make a mix CD for someone.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I just drop by this blog when I have nothing better to do, you write amazingly well, and keep writing! I saw the movie Rocket Science and it was brilliant.
Your playlist seems similar to mine, check out Plushgun, decent synth-pop band.

Jon said...

Thanks for the kind words. Good to see someone popping in for once. :)

I'll make sure to give Plushgun a listen - sounds good.