Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back Home

Back from NYC. Carnegie Hall is undoubtedly the most amazing and magical music place in the United States. At least, that I've ever been to. The acoustics were ridiculous. It was so cool being able to play there as a high schooler. Someone once told me that the odds of playing in Carnegie Hall are 1:73,000. Guess I beat the odds.

While there, I also walked around Times Square... Couple of interesting pictures for you guys to take a gander at. Hopefully, that'll keep everyone busy enough while I go get some much
needed sleep. >.<

From top left, counterclockwise: Roryx!, M&M's World (greatest place on Earth), weird Target-sponsored rave at the top of the Rock, THE Carnegie Hall, Sunset from the top of the Rock(afeller Center), Exploding cars at the Guggenheim Art Musem

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