Thursday, June 26, 2008


I like good people. I like people who are kind and intelligent and funny and witty and caring and generous and... yeah. So many people are underrated, unnoticed, never seen, even though they are the ones who deserve the most to be. So often, the people that get the most attention and admiration are the ones who deserve it the least. I mean, look at most celebrities these days. Or even the "cool" crowd in school.

I reject the classic definition of cool. A "cool" person isn't someone who wears brand-name and trendy clothes, who makes sure they're appearance is picture-perfect, plays the right sports, and what have you. A "cool" person is someone worth knowing, someone who's interesting for who they are, or is just a good person who you like to be around.

It helps when you realize that you're surrounded by people like that sometimes, people who don't always show everything on the outside, and sometimes even hide, but inside, are real gems of people. (This is a semi-shout out to a special friend, who we'll call M.)

The world works backwards sometimes. I should write a paper, or a book on that. About how backwards the world is, about the definition of cool and how it really should be. that would be cool.


M said...

JON! My AIM just went screwy on me.
That has to be the sweetest thing I've ever heard. You're the best.

Jon said...

No, I'm not. But thanks =] I was just writing from the heart.

and my AIM is spazzy too.