Monday, June 9, 2008

iPhone: Reborn

Well, I'm pretty excited: Apple has just announced the new iPhone! It's got a bucketload of new features, with cool stuff galore. Very, very cool stuff.

The question is: Why am I excited? I'm with Verizon, and don't plan to switch to AT&T anytime soon. So, why?

Because it's cool. So very cool. And I like hearing about cool things. Here's the lowdown on features:
  • 3G support. Simply put: It downloads stuff WAY faster, so it's like iPhone on steroids. All the time.
  • New shiny plastic back... and it comes in white, too! No more scratches!
  • Lower price... $199 instead of $399! Sweet!
  • Built in GPS, which is cool for Google Mapsing stuff and such
  • International support: Works in like 70 countries
  • Apps: This is why I'm excited. See, Apple's letting people create real programs for the iPhone... and iPod Touch. Which I have. In other words, real applications and GAMES. Which is freakin' awesome.
There's also some other minor stuff that doesn't matter, like some weird software stuff and language support 'n such. Bah. Regardless, the fact remains: Uber cool!

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